Comprehensive Housing Study

Providence, Rhode Island

The City of Providence has long championed housing advocacy and community revitalization, with a detailed history of preserving existing housing affordability, promoting development of new affordable housing, and increasing housing choice to provide safe, affordable housing citywide.  However, it never had a comprehensive housing strategy to frame priorities or guide changes to existing policies/enact new strategies.  The City’s Planning and Development Department sought to formalize and prioritize goals and objectives for housing initiatives.


The resulting Anti-Displacement and Comprehensive Housing Strategy builds upon past and present efforts to define a concise, unified vision and preferred outcomes for the City’s affordable housing efforts. Over nine months, the City’s consultant team— led by RKG Associates— completed a thorough socioeconomic, real estate, and financial feasibility analysis of the City of Providence to understand current and projected housing needs. In addition to the data analysis, RKG also interviewed City staff, real estate professionals, housing advocates, housing and service providers, housing developers (public, non-profit, and private), and special interest groups to ensure all perspectives were considered when crafting the implementation strategy. The comprehensive housing strategy details key findings while providing recommendations on modifying existing programs and policies that impact housing and offers several new strategies for the City to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness at preserving and providing greater high-quality housing choice.

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