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RKG Associates is an economic, planning, and real estate consultancy with offices in Washington, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, and Durham, NH.

Since its founding in 1981, RKG has built a track record of sound planning advice rooted in data, creativity, and realistic, implementable strategies.


RKG’s strength is in a diverse range of experiences that have helped hundreds of cities, towns and private firms make the most of spaces that matter to them.

A team approach to problem solving

RKG's team blends a diverse range of in-house expertise with an extensive network of outside professionals that provides complementary technical expertise in areas like architecture and engineering. Our team brings the same level of professionalism and dedication to clients whether they are large or small.


We are strong believers in advice that is implementable, realistic, and data-driven. We are proud that our public and private sector clients have put our advice into practice - and not just let it sit on a shelf -  for over 35 years.

Led by principals with principles

RKG's principals are closely involved with every project the firm takes on. Interacting with our experienced principals means clients know who they are calling, who is coming to meetings, and who is leading their project.

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