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Strategic Economic Development Plan 

Sandy Springs, GA

Recharting the City’s efforts to maintain and enhance its dynamic economy

The City of Sandy Springs incorporated in 2005, and it is the sixth largest city in Georgia and the second largest city in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Prior to 2005, Sandy Springs residents relied upon a large, traditionally modeled county government for the provision of services—including economic development—which residents felt did not adequately meet their needs. In 2012, the City completed its first strategic economic development plan (2012 Plan) to guide the City’s economic development efforts.  The City’s public private partnership approach included contracting its economic development efforts.   However, in 2019, the City transitioned its general services, including economic development activities, from a contracting arrangement to full-time city-held positions. 


As part of this transition process, the City’s leadership identified that many of the 2012 Plan tactics and strategies have been successfully implemented and the City and its business community have realized strong economic growth.  However, the City’s leadership also recognized the need to set forth a new plan of action that elevates the economic development program’s services and solidifies the City’s status as a competitive destination for businesses to locate and grow.  This need was heightened by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The City’s elected leadership, administration, business community, and key Sandy Springs stakeholders were engaged over a ten-month process with RKG Associates to identify the City’s emerging economic development goals, review the market findings and opportunities, and prioritize recommended strategies.  The Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP) provides the City of Sandy Spring with an action plan that prioritizes and scales the City’s efforts to over the next five years based on locally-defined goals and available resources.

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