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Natick Master Plan

Natick, MA

The Town of Natick is uniquely positioned at the edge of the Boston area, and for some time has been billed as the “next most affordable” community as one heads west out of Boston. Natick’s transportation accessibility, excellent schools, robust economy, and quality open space and town services have led to a sharp increase in housing costs and pressure to redevelop sections of Town. To plan for the next ten to fifteen years, the Town has engaged in a Comprehensive Master Plan to determine the most effective ways to shape future growth in ways that ensure alignment with residents’ vision for the future.

RKG developed a full inventory of existing conditions for four elements of the Comprehensive Master Plan (Housing, Economic Development, Facilities & Services, and Land Use), as well as a set of goals and strategies that provide the Town with direction on how to achieve the Master Plan's vision and goals. RKG was also engaged in the public process, including stakeholder interviews, committee meetings, planning board meetings, and large-scale public meetings.

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