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Littleton Master Plan for 2030

Littleton, MA

RKG was the lead consultant for Littleton MA's 2030 Master Plan. RKG was responsible for managing the entire project and all client interactions, and a project scope that included land use, housing, economic development, and transportation chapters. The firm also assisted with designing and carrying out public participation efforts, and led the development of final documents and designs.

Littleton, a town of around 9,000 in Middlesex County, had not updated its Master Plan in over a decade, a period in which the character of the community changed markedly. Large tracts of farmland and open space had become subject to large-scale suburban residential developments. With development pressures rising, housing prices soaring, and infrastructure challenges becoming more evident, the Town found itself in need of a new direction and a reassessment of its future. RKG was hired to lead a team of consultants in updating the Town’s Master Plan, and to provide a vision and set of goals that would guide positive change in the Town for years to come.

RKG's approach to better understanding Littleton's unique values was to get involved early and often in Town events, functions, and meetings, to meet stakeholders and to understand their issues and aspirations. The firm did this by attending both town-sponsored events and public meetings that were part of the overall Master Plan engagement strategy. By speaking directly with residents and understanding their challenges, the implementation component of the Master Plan was better able to respond in real-time and set a course that reflects and respects the desires of those in town.

The Master Plan was adopted unanimously by the Planning Board and accepted at Town Meeting. The Town is already pursuing several action steps from the Plan, including an inclusionary housing policy and a senior residential development bylaw. Both interventions  were adopted in at a Special Town meeting in October 2017.

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