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Fort Lee Growth Management Plan

Petersburg, VA

RKG Associates was retained by the Crater Planning District Commission to analyze the growth-related impacts associated with the 2005 BRAC decision to make Fort Lee a "Sustainment Center of Excellence."  The creation of the Center of Excellence would increase the number of military personnel, students, civilian and contractor employees and dependents by thousands in just a two-year period.  With a regional population of roughly 423,000, this rapid growth produced significant growth impacts on some of the smaller communities located close to the base.  RKG analyzed impacts to regional schools, healthcare, daycare, and housing markets.  In addition, Fort Lee’s expansion called for nearly $2 billion in new military construction to create the Sustainment Center of Excellence Headquarters and Logistics University, the Defense Commissary Agency Headquarters expansion, and Air Force projects for culinary training and transportation management training.


Utilizing a strong regional partnership including Fort Lee and local community leaders, RKG prepared annual forecasts to project future demographic and economic impacts associated with Fort Lee’s expansion.  The planning process had broad regional participation and support from all impacted communities and the plan was completed.  


Upon completion of the plan, RKG was hired to assist the region in implementing some of the social service related recommendations from the plan. 

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